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Milton Keynes 1st 2000

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Milton Keynes 1st 2000

Thank you for visiting Great Linford's Table Tennis club homepage. After 4 years, the club has annonuced at the 4th AGM, that the club GLTTC has been dissolved.

However the team of 1st 2000 will remain, by represnting the Milton Keynes Table Tennis Club, therefore the team will now be known as MK 1st 2000.

Club now known as MK 1st 2000

1st 2000 will kick off their new season against MK Shambles this Monday, they have made a new siging in university student Patrick Cao. This will boost the squad as Patrick can play in about a thrid of the matches whilst on holiday.

In the first match tonight, the team line up will be Thai, Patrick and Yoav.

Hopefully the team can get off to a good start with Derrick, Nick and David waiting in the wings to get a team place for nexts week match.

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1st 2000 set for Division 3

For more news on the new winter league please click on the 2003/2004 winter league link above.



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